partypoker launches weekly SIT & GO Leaderboards, paying out $23,500 in prizes every week

partypoker has launched new dedicated weekly leaderboards for its roster of SIT & GO tournaments, giving players the chance to win a share of $23,500 in prizes every week.


Playing SIT & GO tournaments on the site from Monday (00:00 CET) to Sunday (23:59 CET) will earn players points that allow them climb up to four separate leaderboards, with all tournaments falling under the following buy-in tiers:


Low (buy-ins: $1 – $9.99): $1,000 prize pool


Mid (buy-ins: $10 – $49.99): $5,000 prize pool


High (buy-ins: $50 – 199.99): $10,000 prize pool


High Roller (buy-ins: $200+): $7,500 prize pool


The full breakdown of weekly prizes per leaderboard is given in the following table. Prizes range from $2 in Tournament Dollars (T$) up to $2,500 cash.



Low ($1 – $9.99) Mid ($10 – 49.99 High ($50 – $199.99) High Roller ($200 – $1,000)
1st $150 Cash $750 Cash $2,500 Cash $2,500 Cash
2nd $100 Cash $500 Cash $1,500 Cash $1,500 Cash
3rd $75 Cash $400 Cash $1,000 Cash $1,000 Cash
4th T$50 T$350 T$750 T$750
5th T$50 T$250 T$500 T$500
6th T$40 T$250 T$350 T$250
7th T$40 T$200 T$300 T$250
8th T$20 T$150 T$250 T$250
9th T$20 T$150 T$200 T$250
10th T$10 T$100 T$150 T$250
11th – 20th T$10 T$50 T$100
21st – 30th T$10 T$40 T$50
31st – 50th T$5 T$20 T$50
51st – 65th T$5 T$20
66th – 100th T$2 T$10



Note that heads-up SIT & GO tournaments and SPINS games do not count towards the SIT & GO promotional leaderboards.


partypoker Team Online’s Jaime Staples said: “I started my professional career hunting SIT & GO leaderboards. It’s a great way to practice and I love that partypoker is now offering something to shoot for!”


Teammate Steven ‘DWstevie’ Kok said: “I am a big fan of SIT & GOs, they are great practice for short-handed and short-stack play, and for learning ICM as you get into those spots way more often than in large field MTTs. They also have lower variance and thus are great to help you build that bankroll!”


partypoker keeps delivering promotions with outstanding quality which has brought results in the active player pool as numbers keep raising. The games are softer than usual, which has being reported in numerous poker blogs and forums. Read our review of partypoker here and find out how to receive the best possible rewards!

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