GGPoker Flip & Go

GGpoker is no stranger to poker innovations and one of their new and exciting ones is the Flip & Go, which is a more than unique tournament offering. Rather than playing in a typical fashion in the Flip & Go players will flip every hand in a type of Pineapple game until they are eliminated or make it to the money stages of the tournament. When the Flipout part of the tournament concludes the play will resume as a typical Holdem tournament from the ITM stage.






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Flip & Go Tournaments

On the GGPoker website, it states, “Flip & Go is the new BURNING fast way to skip all the boring parts and get right into the HOT action of the tournament. The action is very fast and players will quickly be eliminated or make it to the next stage of the tournament where every player will be paid out. Legendary poker professional and GGPoker ambassador Daniel Negreanu said, “If you want to get straight to the hottest action in a tournament, then Flip & Go is for you.”



The Flip & Go tournaments at GGPoker start every half hour at :00 and :30 and have buy-ins that range from 5 cents to $20. At the time of writing here are the buy-ins and guaranteed prize pools and on the GGPoker site it states, “Tournament Schedule will be expanded with more times and more guarantees going forward.”


Buy-in – Guaranteed Prize Pool (GDT)


  • $20.00- GTD $1,500 ~ $2,000
  • $3.00- GDT $700 ~ $1,250
  • $0.50 – GTD $200 ~ $400
  • $0.05 – GTD $30 ~ $75


While this article will explain in more detail about Flip & Go here are the three basic steps to the format, as well as some quick facts.

Step 1


Choose the buy-in multiplier that you want and you can pick up to 8x buy-ins to have a bigger stack when the tournament begins.


Step 2


Play the game, referred to as Flipout, which is a Pineapple variant, where you pick one of three hole cards to discard and then face-off with the other players. It is at this time when you can get the Flip Bonus, which is getting a great starting hand where you will be paid out and this will be touched on more later in the article.


Step 3


When the Flipout tournament concludes play will resume as a typical Holdem tournament from the ITM stage.

Quick Flip & Go Facts


  • There is some skill involved in the Flipout tournament.


  • You will have the chance to get to the money action quicker.


  • Players have 30 seconds to decide to discard.


  • It is an 8-handed game being of a Pineapple variant. You are dealt three starting cards and then before the flop, you will have to discard one card.


  • There is a side bonus for solid poker hands after receiving your first three cards.


  • The fees for the tournament range from 5% to 6.7% and there is no rake for the lowest buy-in of 5 cents.


  • Tournaments begin every hour and half hour (:00 and:30)


  • Nearly $150,000 in prize money guaranteed daily.

Flip & Go In More Detail

Now you know the basics of the Flip & Go tournament let’s look at it in more detail.


The GGPoker Flip & Go is a special type of poker offering where you flip every single hand until you are either eliminated or make it to the main tournament where you are guaranteed a payout. Basically, in Flip & Go it takes away the majority of the play before the bubble and gets you quickly to the main action.


The whole field registered in the tournament is all in until the point where there is only one player left at the virtual table. Then the last player standing will then move to another table with other survivors. At this point, the tournament is then a typical Holdem one with the usual betting structure. Every five minutes the blinds will go up and you will resume playing with the chips you won at the first Flip & Go table.


When you are at the first table in the tournament you are dealt three cards. Then before the flop, you will have to discard one card. You have 30 seconds to make a decision on which card to discard and if you do not make that decision in the 30 seconds your lowest card will automatically be discarded. You will be able to see the other player’s hole cards and this is where the strategic aspect comes into play on the card you want to discard.


You can pick your starting stack before the tournament starts and you can buy from one to 8 buy-in amounts. If you have a bigger stack you have more of a chance to be the last player standing at the table where you will receive guaranteed money, but on the other side of the coin, there is the additional money you will have to pay.


Now, let’s explain the Flip Bonus, which you can receive when you are dealt your 3-card hand. If you get a great poker hand your starting stack can be multiplied and here are the hands you need to get to get the Flip Bonus and the multipliers:


  • Straight – 2x your starting stack
  • Flush – 2x your starting stack
  • 3 of a kind – 3x your starting stack
  • Straight Flush – 4x your starting stack


There have been many poker innovations in the last several years with some sticking, such as Sit & Go’s, and some not such as Power Up and Deep Water Hold’em. It looks as of the Flip & Go’s are here to stay, as they have become very popular quickly. This can be shown since the tournaments now start every half hour while in the beginning, they started every hour. The Flip & Go’s are a way to get on the fast track to the main action where you are guaranteed a payout.


Flip & Go’s is a solid innovation from GGPoker that offers fast action and no lack of excitement. There are many tournaments a day in a wide variety of stakes, so Flip & Go is appealing to any type of poker player no matter their style, skill level, or bankroll.

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