GGPoker Rake Method

The GGPoker network is a solid poker network that has enjoyed booming success in the last couple of years. The poker rooms in the network have good traffic, several games, and action across all stakes, so they are great ones for low-stakes players and high rollers alike. There are millions of dollars in monthly promotions and if you have a GGpoker account you can also play at the casino and live casino, which both have an impressive game library. There is also a 24-level VIP program in the Fish Buffet that gives rakeback to players.


One of the main reasons that GGpoker has increased in popularity is that they have poker rooms that are tailored for all types of players. Also, to help support players the site has changed the rake structure and because of that the rakeback distribution in the unique PVI (Player Value Index) rake. The rake structure was put in place to help players and while many are still not clear on how it works this article will explain it and also show how it affects you the player.





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What is GGPokers PVI Rake?

When you play at the GGPoker network they will monitor your patterns for playing and your results and based on those things you will receive a Player Value Index. The value of the PVI is 0-2 and it is believed that amateur players are closer to 2 while more seasoned players have a value that is less than 1. However, the exact calculations are not known to players but only the GGPoker network.


Starting in July of 2020 0.1 is the smallest PVI multiplier that a player can have, which means that winning players can count their rake 10%. Before July 2020 the smallest PVI multiplier was 0.2. you should be aware that the multiplier that you have can change without notice depending on how you are playing.


Here are some of the concepts for the PVI rake:


  • Some of the factors that make up the PVI for every game like CHB Index, Pot size Index, and Swing Index, to name a few, are evaluated against one another, and then a value is assigned. The value ranged from 0-2 and each of the factors is separately evaluated not only for each game but for each blind as well.
  • The scores for the games of Omaha and Holdem are determined by data such as CHB Index, Pot size Index, and Swing Index.
  • The score for All-in or Fold is determined by indexes such as All-In, Jackpot, and Win/Loss.
  • The scores for tournaments will be determined by Overlay Index, satellite, buy-in, and skill.
  • All of the scores are subject to change at any time.
  • There are 4 Blind Groups of the Holdem and Omaha games, which are Featured, High, Medium, and Low. You can have a different PVI for each group and when the playing session is over the PVI of the Blind group that is for that session is then updated, so it can change for every playing session.

How PVI at GGPoker Affects Players

The structure of the rake at GGPoker will multiply the fees that count in your favor. If you have a PVI index that is less than 1, which will be associated with all winning players, it will decrease the rake with how the rakeback is calculated. With the PVI the rake is always being updated and because of that your rakeback also changes monthly.


The things that affect the PVI of the player are:


  • The playing and betting behavior
  • The number of tables
  • Deposits and withdrawals at the poker room
  • Where the money is coming from (regular players or casual ones)


In terms of the PVI rake winning players get assigned less rake and losing players get assigned more rake. While this does seem to level the playing field some professional players are not too happy with the PVI rake. They seem to favor a rake structure that is more direct, which means the more volume there is will lead to a higher rakeback. While other poker networks use this structure GGPoker is not one of them with the unique PVI. Some grinder players have said that their bb/100 rate fell a whopping 200% after the profits made were adversely affected by the index of the PVI.


One of the things that players have been unsure about is the PVI and how it affects them in the Fish Buffet VIP program. The player’s PIV will have an impact on how points are collected in the Fish Buffet VIP program, as if a player has a lower PIV they will accumulate points more slowly and that has more of an effect on winning players and professional ones.

GGPoker Rake Structure

The GGPoker rake structure a rather complex one, which is why we have put tables below to show what it is. The rake structure on the GGPoker Network directly affects the size of the rakeback. All players will have to pay a commission from their share of the hand pot and the amount is 5% for the cash games of Holdem and Omaha.


There is no rake for tournaments on the network but, usually, there will be a tournament fee. Most of the time the tournament fee is a set percentage on what the buy-in is and all of that information is available to players in the tournament lobby for each of the events. At GGPoker the rake is charged before the flop.


Here are the tables detailing the GGPoker rake structure:



ggpoker rake structure


GGPoker is a respected poker network that offers its players many things. They offer many games and tournaments in a wide variety of stakes as well as a more than solid tiered VIP program.


One of the unique aspects of the network is the unique PVI (Player Value Index) rake, which is a different rake method that is usually used at poker rooms. Players are given a PVI depending on how they play, and the rake is distributed based on their PVI. The PVI method is seen to be more forgiving for amateurs and loose players, which is the majority of the traffic on the GGPoker Network. However, because of this, the PVI method is not as popular with pro players and grinders.

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