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Since 2015 iPoker are using a rake method called SBR, which stands for source based rake. The method uses a formula to determine each individual players’ rake contribution for each pot based on the overall performance on the account. The method is similar to the TVR rake method at Microgaming, and the Essence rake method that existed on the now closed Ongame network. SBR rake was put in place to improve the overall quality of the network and create a better climate for recreational players while at the sime time incentive the poker sites at iPoker to bring in more recreational players over rakeback grinders.



How does the SBR method work?


According to Playtech, who operates the iPoker network, the SBR method is determined based on a combination of multiple factors. These include amount of deposits made to the account as well as overall winnings/losses. The players total assigned rake is called “Real Player Value” (short: RPV) and is made up by several components.

Players are assigned rake based on the following formula:



50% of the total rake is based on the standard Weighted Contributed rake method

50% of the total rake is based on the SBR rake method


The total is the combined and assigned to the player.


Why is iPoker using SBR rake method?


The method was implemented to improve the overall ecology of the iPoker network, as they felt that some skins were providing the total player pool with more casual players than others. Therefore, they wanted to put pressure on the sites at the network to focus more on attracting more fish, and less sharks as loosing players would be accounted for a larger chunk of the total rake taken. This is a situation that a lot of poker networks find themselves in when there are a lot of different skins operating on the same network with the same player pool



How does it affect my iPoker rakeback?


The SBR rake method affects the rake you as a player is assigned, which means that if the rakeback you are receiving is based on the SBR formula, then you are affected by the SBR rake method. This is not the case at all rooms, with Betfair for example where Grindago players receive a fixed 30% rakeback based on the “Original rake”.


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