Bill Perkins next up for The Galfond Challange!

High stakes pro Phil Galfond, founder of Run It Once Poker is getting challenged yet again in his Galfond Challange series. This time it’s the controversial former hedge fund manager Bill Perkins who is trying his luck in this wild high stakes game. The Challenge is played at €100/€200 PLO over a total of 50,000 hands or until either one of the players has lost a total of €400,000. Clearly these mind blowing stakes were not enough for the gamblners, seeing as they also agreed on a massive side bet where Galfond needs to pay up $1,000,000 if ending as the loser. Perkins on the other hand, gets a bit of a handicap with only having to put up $250,000 if he finishes last of the two.


The match will be played out over at partypoker but the exact date and time is yet to be announced.


Bill Perkins was born in New Jersey back in 1969 and had a very succesful carrier as a hedge fund manager before entering the poker scene. While Perkins should be considered the clear underdog in the match, he is far from an amateur. Last year Bill managed his way all the way to the 6th place in Triton Million for Charity event in London, cashing in a a total of £2,200,000.


Perkins said: “All my life I’ve been attacking challenging situations and this one seems to be the most formidable in quite some time. Not only does Phil have strategic knowledge, he has heart and mental fortitude. I look forward to playing the role of underdog.

The Galfond Challange

The side action and stoploss for the Galfond Challange differs depending on the opponent that Phil Galfond is facing. The stakes however have been the same in both the previous challange as well as the upcoming announced ones. In his opening match, Phil took on “Venividi1993” in a real roller coaster game. Phil, who at one point saw himself down over €900,000 ended up ahead to secure a tidy €1,472.08. Seeing as the side action for this match was €200,000 vs €100,000, its safe to say the extra €100,000 made it worth Phils time in the end.


Galfond said: “This challenge is different to my others because of the $400,000 finish line. A lot of people are expecting me to win this one, but they shouldn’t underestimate Bill or the swings of PLO. Anything can happen.”


The challange can as always be railed through the partypoker-client, or live stread over at




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